North Shore Golf and Tennis Magazine on Hiatus in 2012

Sad to report that publisher Richard Ayer has suspended publication of North Shore Golf and Tennis magazine in 2012 after an exciting nine-year run. It’s all about the economy. Advertising, which was the magazine’s only financial mechanism, simply hadn’t measured up the last few years during these rocky economic times.

I’ve been honored to serve in a leading editorial position for Richard, his first editor, Gary Trask, and his current editor, Bob Albright.

It’s not easy to rejuvenate a print publication after it has taken a hiatus, but if anyone can get it back in gear in 2013, it is Richard.

In lieu of NSG&T, this blog will try and fill in selected gaps as golf news is made locally in 2012, especially regards the Massachusetts Amateur in July at Tedesco and the New England PGA Championship at Salem and Kernwood in August.

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