Patriots’ Fans Count Their Blessings After Miracle Super Bowl Victory Finish (Thank You, Mr. Butler!!!!)

The Football gods were more angry at the Seattle Seahawks last night than they were at the Patriots. How else to explain the bizarre finish of one of the most amazing games — possibly the No. 1 amazing game of all time — in Super Bowl history?

The Brady-Beleichick Dynasty continues. Six Super Bowls. Four victories, each by four points or less’ two losses by four points or less. All six games decided in the closing seconds.

For all the glorious plays pulled off by the Beautiful Brady (records setter all over the place) and the most astonishing interception by free agent rookie (the pride of West Alabama—there is such a school???) Malcolm Butler, consider a few other aspects of this epic:

  • A few key drops by Seattle receivers and a few poorly thrown passes by Russell Wilson, especially the lethal one on the Patriots’ goal line.
  • Several fantastic catches by Patriots receivers Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Shane Vereen, Danny Amendola and Brandon Lafell. One drop here or there and there is no Super Bowl Championship No. 4.
  • The All-World performance from Brady — I know, I’m repeating myself — with 37 completions in 50 attempts against one of the great defenses of all time (allegedly), fourth quarter perfection resulting in two touchdown drives and the first comeback from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit in Super Bowl history.
  • The exceptional pass protection provided Brady when it mattered most.
  • Some great defensive team sequences in the fourth quarter that gave Brady and company the chance to stage the historic comeback in the first place, the Seahawks’ final-minute drive notwithstanding.
  • How sweet is it that those classless Seahawk players named Baldwin, Lynch and Sherman, among others, felt miserable afterwards? Though Sherman saved some grace by congratulating Brady at game’s conclusion.
  • A good man, Pete Carroll, or probably I should say his offensive coordinator, screwed up so badly their names will go down in Super Bowl infamy for their final play call.

Let the celebration continue.

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