Larrabee: Opinions and Observations Galore As DeflateGate Rages

Time for a few observations and opinions as we await whether Tom Brady has broken our hearts — or not:

  • OK. This DeflateGate stuff is stupid. Never should have happened, but someone in the Patriots’ Foxboro bunker felt they needed to doctor the 12 home team game balls to help the Pats beat Indianapolis. Stupid. Maybe they did this against the Ravens and none of the Baltimore chaps noticed. Win or lose the legitimate way. Or don’t the Patriots believe in that. It’s all about what happened in those two-plus hours between the time the game officials inspected the dirty dozen and kickoff. Who doctored them? That person is accountable. Period. But also, what’s taking the NFL so long to say something about the investigation? It’s Thursday, press conference time for Bill Belichick (a.m.) and Tom Brady, (p.m.) and neither knows what went down? C’mon. That defies credulity. If nothing else, all this stuff should lead to the  highest rated Super Bowl — and probably the highest rated television show — in American history. After that, may the guilty be punished to to the fullest extent of NFL Law. Just so sad that Pats’ legacy being destroyed like this.
  • Any of you take the points and bet on the Celtics last night in Portland?? Amazing, eh?
  • Two words I hate being used so improperly in spoken world especially among sports pundits: “guy” and “superstar,” the latter especially when referring to a high school athlete. Use “man” or “fella” or “chap” instead of “guy.”
  • Mayor Walsh better recant and call for a referendum among Hub dwellers to vote thumbs up or down regards 2024 Summer Olympics, or he won’t get re-elected in 2018.
  • Get well wishes to John McGrath, long-time Danvers High basketball and baseball coach from the 1960s into the 1980s.
  • Congrats to Hamilton-Wenham’s Doug Hoak on his induction tomorrow night into the Massachusetts High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame. He’s got a possible state champion basketball team right now at H-W.
  • Belated condolences to family and friends of Doug Aylward, who passed away a few months ago. Doug was an outstanding baseball player for McGrath at DHS and an all-Conference player at UMass.
  • I like the Bruins’ chances of making the Stanlwey Cup finals, despite their precarious position currently. Just got a feeling.
  • So Tiger lost a tooth, the story he is telling about how it happened is coming under scrutiny. What a surprise. But better than losing a wife.
  • Jack Nicklaus is 75, that means Arnold Palmer turns 85 in September. Where have the years gone???
  • Watching the Australian Open on the tube reminds me what remarkable athletes tennis players are; probably the best conditioned athletes of all.
  • Football and hockey players are the toughest athletes.
  • Baseball players are the most overpaid. Sure, tennis players and tour golfers make a ton, if they are successful, but at least they earn the loot the old fashioned way — they earn it on their own, baby.
  • Based on the horrendous defense they play most nights, NBA players are grossly overpaid as well.
  • Celtics fans are the best, and their loyalty will be tested the next 21-3 years while Danny Ainge rebuilds almost strictly through No. 1 and No. 2 draft choices.
  • Keep praying for Bob Neumeier.
  • Root for two-time heart transplant patient Erik Compton this weekend and every week he competes on the PGA Tour.
  • And so it goes…
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