A Variety of April Bloggings

  • How can Easter NOT be a national holiday when Christmas is???
  • Tiger Woods: Good for the golf industry, bad for the game.
  • From where I observe, obesity is a national epidemic at all age levels, not just with young people.
  • Respect and responsibility: two beautiful words to live by.
  • Why can’t motorcycle noise be controlled like car noise (mufflers, fines)?
  • We’ve lost some very special people the last few months around these parts, i.e. the North Shore of Boston, i.e. Paul “Buster” DiVincenzo of St. John’s Prep, Dick Batchelder of the Prep and Beverly High fame, and Hugh Nelson of Beverly High and Beverly Golf and Tennis fame.
  • If Mitt Romney truly lightened up and let his hair and personality down naturally, he really could beat the incumbent.
  • A Masters champion named Bubba? Ya gotta love it.
  • Let’s hear it for North Shore Golf and Tennis magazine. Begins publishing its 10th year with its first issue coming out May 1. Well done, Richard Ayer.
  • I thought my Boston University Terriers’ hockey program under Jack Parker was a national model for success until the boys got a little rowdy this past season. Make no mistake. Jerry York and the Boston College Eagles are now the NCAA powerhouse of record, both on the ice and off.
  • The honors keep coming the way of the Massachusetts Division 3 state championship boys basketball team from Danvers.  UMass-Lowell athletic director Dana Skinner, the greatest player in Danvers history, will be the keynote speaker when the Boosters honor the team April 24 at Spinelli’s in Lynnfield.
  • A new invite from Salem Country Club to the USGA for a U.S. Senior Open, this one in 2017?  I like the club’s chances.
  • Mike Wallace dies at 92, Dick Clark at 82. Unmatched in their talent and charisma.
  • Ricky Fowler: the most overrated golfer in history.
  • Pro hockey will never change. If it does, meaning less violence and no fighting, there’d be no NHL, sadly.
  • Every day is a gift.


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