Gary’s February 7, 2012 Update: From the Patriots to Dickens to the Links100

  • Don’t kid yourself. This WAS deja vu all over again, as Yogi Berra would say. Patriots in ideal poisition to win their fourth Super Bowl and they gift wrap it to the Giants — again. Not eerie. Spooky and then some. Tom Brady was right on in his post-mortem. Giants made the plays; Patriots didn’t when it was ALL on the line. Don’t be surprised if the Pats are right back there next February, though, in New Orleans. But blown opportunities are painful and take many moons from which to recover.
  • Happy 200th birthday to arguably the greatest novelist of the last two centuries — Charles Dickens.
  • Yet another “Greatest 100” golf courses list; two, in fact, from the one and only George Peper at Links magazine. A novelty, so it works nicely. Real-time rankings, based on up-to-the-minute golfer ratings delivered to the Links magazine website for the Top 100 courses in America and the world. Our three local standbys all were properly, though inaccurately, ranked in the Links100. Cypress Point is No. 1 on both lists, followed by Pine Valley. Myopia comes in No. 41, followed by Essex at 83 and Salem at 92. Personally, I believe Salem should be No. 1 on any North Shore list, followed by Myopia and Kernwood, then Essex. But this is only one man’s opinion. And, like it or not, the great old layouts continue to rank higher than our new “gems,” i.e. Turner Hill, Renaissance, etc. The Country Club’s composite layout ranks No. 23 in the U.S., with Yale No. 33, Boston GC 42, Old Sandwich 47, Kittansett 48, Newport 61, Wannamoisett 75. World-wide, The Country Club gets the 44th slot, followed by Yale (among New England courses) at 70, Myopia 84, Boston 85, Old Sandwich 91 and Kittansett 92. No matter how you list them, we have a phenomenal stable of courses in the region, and these lists are only the tip of the iceberg. Provide your own input at


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