Patriots’ Chances? It’s All About No. 12

A few quick comments on the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl chances, now that they are in position to capture the No. 1 seed in the AFC — again — and we all know what happened when they secured the same top playoff position a year ago.

It’s all about No. 12; the guy with the Hollywood good looks (don’t be surprised if he goes into the acting business as his next career move), the world famous model and the new $15 million home in L.A.

Simply put, the Patriots’ quest for their fourth Super Bowl victory rests mainly on the shoulders of their quarterback. Review what happened in the Pats’ last three playoff losses. Tom flopped in all three: Super Bowl loss to Giants, thwarting theirĀ  bid to become the first 19-0 team in NFL history; first round loss at home to Baltimore; first-round loss at hcome, as top seed, to the Jets.

On all three occasions, no matter what the level of performance was from his teammates, Tom was the huge disappointment. We presumed Tom’s mission since the Super Bowl loss to the Giants has been to make up for that stunner and get Super Bowl No. 4. Ain’t happened yet.

Assuming they get these last two regular season games at home against Buffalo and Miami, the stage will be set for Brady to rise to the occasion one more time. Two playoff home games then the Big One in Indy. Forget about what the defense may or may not do. It’s all about Tom Brady (and the offensive line and his receivers, too).

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